At Spark we love event management. We thrive off of creating exciting events and our experience makes us a valuable resource in helping with specific elements like talent sourcing, sponsorship acquisition, vendor coordination, and advertising.

The Spark team is involved in more than 40 events, galas, and fundraisers annually, so we know what it takes to make your event amazing.

The Spark Process

Our success comes from our experience and our tried and true method of event execution. We understand you may not need us at the event conception stage; our team is flexible and adaptive and can easily fit in to your event during any of the stages below:

  • Spark Planning Session: We run a planning session with the team or committee responsible.
    • Help set the goals and objectives of the event and determine a budget
    • Idea generation and event conception
    • Identify and establish partnerships & sponsors
  • Determine Promotional Requirements: We take the lead in advertising and establishing an identity for the event if needed.
    • Publicity, advertising, signage needs
    • Website & social media planning
  • Create a Master Plan & Task List: We create a Spark Master Plan detailing everything from how many volunteers will be needed to how tickets will be sold.
    • Outline who is responsible for each task
    • Manage event budget
  • Execute Event: Relax and let the capable Spark team run an awesome event.
    • We excel in busy, demanding situations, and will manage the staff, talent, attendees, etc.
  • Spark Evaluation: Every event benefits from a retrospective after the dust has settled
    • We facilitate a discussion of pros and cons from the event, what worked well and what, if anything, didn’t
    • Reconciliation of budget numbers

Just a little bit more of what we do…

  • Event conceptualization & idea generation
  • Creating and managing budgets
  • Sponsorship acquisition
  • Handling registration and ticketing
  • Website facilitation
  • Speaker coordination:
    • Contract negotiation, flights, bios, photos, day-of handler
  • Signage requirements
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Event logistics:
    • Venue, layout, technical requirements, lighting, décor, catering, beverages, set up and take down
  • On site event management
  • Post event surveys, wrap up meetings