• Does your company struggle to find ways to engage employees?
  • Could your team benefit from an event that allows your team to bond and build relationships outside of work?
  • Are you tired of the same old networking activities?
  • Do you want to shake things up with your team and try something new?

Leverage Our Unique Connections to Create Something Amazing For You!

Check out some our ideas below and ff you’re thinking these sound great, but aren’t sure they’re quite the right fit for you, then give us a call. We will create a one of a kind team building or networking event that is tailored to your organization’s needs. Our experience makes us a valuable resource to come in at the event conception stage and help kickstart your idea generation!

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Team Building

Team building activities are vital to the health and well being of any organization. They offer employees a better understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and help facilitate better communication. Spark has created several events focused on team building that strengthen relationships and ultimately benefit employers and the entire organization in the long run.

We are so proud of creating Saskatoon’s best team building event, the Saskatoon Corporate Challenge. This event combines an excellent team building opportunity along with charitable giving.

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We also like to think outside the box. One of the ways we do this is by creating events that are memorable and functional. We are careful and aware that the event market is oversaturated so we’re always looking for a way to make your event stand out from the rest. One of the Spark partners, Kelly Chase, started the Kelly Chase Fantasy Hockey Camp in 2015 to provide a once in a lifetime networking opportunity that is original to the Saskatoon market.

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